Frequently Asked Questions


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Will my car be safe to drive again after an accident?

Yes. We use only the very best parts and follow specific procedures and guidelines when performing your repairs. Your car will be as good as new.


Where do you get your parts?

We order the same parts your dealership would, to ensure a perfect fit and an excellent repair.


Will you be able to match my paint?

Yes. We have a state of the art mixing system that matches your color perfectly, creating a seamless finish.


My insurance does not cover emergency rental cars. Do you provide loaners?

Absolutely. We have newer, SAFE loaner cars that you won't be embarrassed to drive while your repairs are taking place.


How long will my repairs take?

Every repair is different. We look at each aspect of the repair carefully, to ensure that the job is done properly. We can give you a time estimate after reviewing your car and considering all aspects of the job.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or charge.


I'm still worried. What if I have issues with my car after I get it back?

Hamlin Collision guarantees all of its work. If you have any problems with your vehicle after the job, please contact us as soon as possible.





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